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Documents Concerning the Zadar Peace Treaty from 1358

Milko Brković

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The title refers to eight documents of which the first is a document in the broad sense of the word, that is a set of a number of documents concerning a common subject matter. I. Document concerning the negotiation of a peace treaty between Venetian and Hungarian emissaries in 1357 (?); II. Document of the Venetian copy of the Zadar peace treaty between the Hungarian-Croatian King Ludovic I the Great and Venice (February 18, 1358): III. Ludovic’s document proclaiming that the preceding document relates to the allies in the war as well (February 18, 1358); IV. Document concerning the mutual affirmation of the peace treaty and the obligation of the doge to swear on it (February 18, 1358); V. Document of the oath taken by Ludovic and the Venetian emissaries that the treaty will relate to the war allies as well (February 18, 1358); VI. Document concerning Ludovic’s request and directions to his emissaries who will travel to Venice and in his name demand that the doge take an oath on the peace treaty, that the doge be given the king’s letter about the oath the king took on the peace treaty and that the doge be given the cities and the land possessions which are under royal jurisdictions but which according to the treaty have to be returned to Venice (February 20, 1358); VII. The document of the Venetian doge Ivan Delfin concerning the proclamation of the Zadar peace treaty on February 18, 1358 (February 25, 1358) and VIII. The document by the same doge which stated that the Zadar peace treaty included the allied in the preceding war February 25, 1358. The author treats the documents from the paleographic-diplomatic perspective. The originals are located in the Archivo di Stato di Venezia, Pacta, V, fol. 154-157, old signature; Pactorum, V, fol.159-162.

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documents; Hungarian-Croatian kingdom; Ludovic I. the Great; Croatia; Venice; Dalmatia; Zadar Peace Treaty; 1358

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