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The Yugoslav Consulate in Zadar and the Visa Regime for Jewish People in the Year 1939

Zlatko Begonja ; Zavod za povijesne znanosti HAZU, Zadar, Hrvatska

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str. 219-231

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Before the outbreak of WWII as well as during its initial phase, the political orientation of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia was in a profound measure aligned with the paradigmatic ideological world-views of the Fascist-Nazi powers. Owing to this a certain number of legal acts whose nature was primarily anti-Semitic were accepted and carried out. As a consequence, all the Yugoslav administrative branches of government were obliged to act according to these decisions. Thusly, the Yugoslav consulate office in Zadar, in the framework of its assigned chores and assignments, actively participated in preparing the full implementation of legal norms which in those circumstances primarily promulgated negative relations towards representatives of the Jewish people. Receiving a number of memos and under obligation to act according to their instructions, the consulate office in Zadar showed in a stark manner the promptness of the Yugoslav state to undertake imperative anti-Semitic actions.

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Yugoslav consulate; Zadar; fascism; anti-Semitism; 1939

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