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Effects of elevated total chlesterol on the common carotid artery wall in women

Nikola Barić ; Privatna ordinacija opće/obiteljske medicine Labin, Labin, Hrvatska
Eris Materljan ; Zavod za obiteljsku medicinu, Medicinski fakultet Sveučilišta u Rijeci, Rijeka, Hrvatska
Sanja Barić-Santro ; Istarski domovi zdravlja – ispostava dr. Lino Peršić Labin, Labin, Hrvatska

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Aim: The aim of the presented investigation was to determine ultrasonographically the relationship between total cholesterol level and three important structural/functional common carotid artery (CCA) wall state markers (intima-media thickness (IMT), internal diameter width (ID), and IMT / ID ratio) with the ultrasonic technique. This investigation was carried out with reference to the effects of the total cholesterol on the arterial wall.
Subjects and methods: 97 healthy women aged 17-92 (average age 53 ± 17 years) were included in the investigation. The criteria for inclusion in the sample were determined randomly, and all women with higher specific characteristic values were eliminated. Criteria were determined according to the analysis of data from a number of similar studies. During the investigation the ultrasound color Doppler duplex device SA 6000C (KRETZTECHNIK A. G.) with a 7,5 MHz linear transducer was used.
Results: The univariate linear regression analysis of the obtained results indicates a slightly positive statistically nonsignificant correlation in all three cases (P > 0.05).
Discussion and conclusion: The results of linear regresson analysis indicate that between the three analysed parameters and total cholesterol level there is a slight positive statistically nonsignificant relation. Obtained results, adequately applied, can serve as markers, ie. predictors of local or generalized atherosclerosis. The elevated total cholesterol levels have a certain destructive effect on the arterial wall, especially in the case of long-term exposition.

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atherosclerosis course parameters; common carotid artery; hypercholesterolemia; oxidative stress

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