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Consumers’ behaviour and motives for selection of dairy beverages in Kvarner region: a pilot study

Greta Krešić orcid id ; Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Department of Food and Nutrition, University of Rijeka, Primorska 42, Opatija
Zoran Herceg
Vesna Lelas
Anet Režek Jambrak

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Since food choice is always a unique and personal experience, consumer behaviour is important for food manufacturers and marketers in term of product success. Due to the beneficial healthprotective effects of dairy beverages, this market segment is very innovative and fast-growing. The aim of this pilot-study was to examine the consumption patterns, purchasing behaviour and motives
for selection of dairy beverages. The sample of this study included 114 participants (44 males and 70 females) which were interviewed face-to-face at the entrance of 5 shopping centres. The survey
instrument consisted of closed questions regarding habits of consumption, purchasing habits and motives for selection of dairy beverages. Gender specific differences were tested. The results obtained have shown that females consumed more milk and milk drinks (p<0.001) and fermented milk drinks (p=0.002) than males. The consumption of whey-based beverages was sporadical in both genders. Females in higher percentage purchase low-fat dairy beverages (p=0.043), while males exhibited a higher level of loyalty to a certain product (p=0.034). Sensory appeals were the most important motivational factor for both genders. Brand was ranked second for males (p<0.001) and health aspect for females. The products’ origin was ranked third, while price was ranked fifth for both genders. The results obtained could be useful to researchers and dairy market sector in developing and promoting
a group of dairy beverage products based on innovations and health.

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consumer; dairy beverage; food choice

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