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The Prehistoric and Early Mediaeval Settlement of Bentež near Beketinci

Kornelija Minichreiter ; Institut za arheologiju, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Zorko Marković orcid id ; Institut za arheologiju, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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In 2007 and 2008 the Institute of Archaeology in Zagreb carried out salvage archaeological investigations on the route of the international highway Budapest – Ploče. The investigation took place at the site marked as AN 18, at the plot known as Bentež near Beketinci, on the Osijek – Đakovo section. The remains of a prehistoric settlement of the Lasinja culture (around 4000 BC) and an early mediaeval settlement (10th-11th cent.) were investigated in the eastern part of the site. The investigated part of the settlement of the Lasinja culture consisted in its western, working part, of a number of pits for extraction of clay, working pits and two larger pottery kilns. Three large pit-houses (20 x 30 m) were discovered in the eastern, residential part of the settlement, with wells at their edges, as well as foundations of five above-ground houses. The largest above-ground house was 30 m long and 12 m wide, with three rooms and a smaller house (9 x 5 m, with two rooms) at its southern side. A considerable quantity of ceramic vessels and spoons was found: biconical and round bowls and tureens, bowls on a hollow foot with a thickening in the upper part, and beakers with a handle – sometimes decorated – that reaches the rim. The ornaments were mostly incised, impressed and stamped. In addition to the ceramics, there were also few lithic finds – fragments of stone tools and shaft-hole axes.
Three pits with fragments of early mediaeval vessels with simple rims, decorated with a comb-like wave-line and fragments of a deep biconical vessel – ceramic kettel, dated to the 10th-11th cent., were found in the northeastern part of the prehistoric settlement.

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Budapest – Ploče highway; salvage investigations; Bentež; Beketinci; settlement; Lasinja culture; Eneolithic; Early Middle Ages; Slavonia; Croatia

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