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The Split Poetic Miscellany of the Trogir Chapter: Description, Contents, Authors, Models

Bratislav Lučin orcid id ; Marulianum, Split

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This paper gives a first complete description of the Split Poetic Miscellany of the Trogir Chapter, written at the end of the 16th or in the early 17th century, probably in Split. The miscellany contains 108 pieces, mainly in verse (there are 11 prose compositions). A fairly large number are translations (here 30 of them are identified, and there are probably more), among which there is a considerable number of versions of hymns and other medieval Latin poems. In general, liturgical, para-liturgical and devotional-cum-moral compositions prevail in the compilation. This kind of content, as well as the anonymity of the writers and/or translators, and the predominance of the octosyallabics of folk style suggests that most of the texts in the miscellany are connected with lay or confraternal piety. But there are some texts that are characterised by high literary style and the stamp of original authorship. Two poems with a contemporary political theme in particular stand out. Dominink Armanov and Hortenzij Bartučević are the only domestic authors mentioned by name, while Marko Marulić is never referred to, although the collection contains 11 of his poems or translations. The miscellany is a Croatian literature source that has been insufficiently studied and utilised (particularly the translated parts): so far about one quarter of the total of 5809 verses and 237 lines of prose have been published. In an appendix the paper provides a table with a detailed review of the contents of the miscellany.

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Split Poetic Miscellany of the Trogir Chapter; Croatian 16th century literature; Marko Marulić; poetic translations; hymns; folk devotionalism

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