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Methodical Value and Use of Film in Philosophical Education

Matija Mato Škerbić orcid id ; Prva privatna gimnazija, Varaždin, Hrvatska

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str. 63-86

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The author’s intention is to point to the methodical and practical values of use of film in philosophical education, and creation the methodic of film usage in high school philosophy education. After introduction, in the first part, author is presenting a short history of film theory by making a short history review based on recent relevant literature worldwide and in Croatia. The author is leaning on the work of Croatian authors in film theory (Ante Peterlić, Hrvoje Turković), methodic of film in education (Stjepko Težak, Miroslav Vrabec) and methodic of philosophical education (Josip Marinković, Boris Kalin) to show compatibility and convergence between them. In high school philosophy education, film is a scandalon with multipragmatic value. While film choosing, the question of plausibility is also being asked, and a list of both “philosophical” and “intelectual” movies has been given. Second part boils down to the pure methodic of film, showing when, how, and where to select a film and use it in a high school philosophy education, with Truman show as the basic example.

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film; philosophy; methodic of education; scandalon; Truman show

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