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Thomas Aquinas abut Woman (part I)

Augustin Pavlović ; Katolički bogoslovni fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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The article is the continuation of a comprehensive discourse in which the author treats the doctrines of Aristoteles and Thomas Aquinas concerning woman. The first part is published in Obnovljeni život No. 6 (1990). In an attempt to discover and elucidate St. Thomas' thougt, the author first men¬tions several important objections to his teaching about woman.
The author begins his systematic elaboration of both positive and negative aspects of Thomas' texts on woman, introducing the main themas on man as human being wherein man and woman are treated equally. Those texts are amphsized which explicitly asserts woman being equal to man. The Author considers several aspecits of St. Thomas' analyises of the nature and the characteristics of woman. It is wrong to attribute antifeminism to St. Thomas, it is the consequence of misunderstandig. The relationship of man and woman is characterized by natural equality. Woman and man both have their origin in God who is creator of universal nature. They both have the same aim God, the same human form, essentially the same way of realizing the purpose of human life.

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