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Fitness Level of Adult Economically Active Population in the Republic of Croatia Estimated by EUROFIT System

Stjepan Heimer
Marjeta Mišigoj-Duraković
Lana Ružić
Branka Matković
Ivan Prskalo
Snježana Beri
Milica Tonković-Lojović

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str. 223-233

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The study presents the results of the EUROFIT CROATIA project that was conducted according to the instructions of Council of Europe. The aim of the study was evaluation of fitness level of the employed Croatian population. The measurements comprised EUROFIT battery of tests as well as Baecke’s questionnaire for evaluation of habitual physical activity. The sample was comprised of 1628 active inhabitants, 18–60 years of age, all of who were employed and living in Croatia. The obtained results of functional, motor and morphological characteristics were presented according to the sex and age. The results shower poor aerobic capacity, high obesity indicators and low motor performance in both sexes, which pointed to the increased risk for developing many cardiovascular or musculo-skeletal diseases. The overall fitness level of Croatian population showed to be unsatisfactory and it should be improved by engagement in sports-recreational activities.

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Croatia, Eurofit, physical fitness, aerobic capacity

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