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The town of Križevci after ceasing to be the county centre in 1886


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Reasons to unite Bjelovar and Križevci coun- ties were various, ranging from those which might contribute to a more rational way of governing and saving to those stating that Bjelovar was a town without conflicts as opposed to Križevci, where
‘populists’ and later on Party-of-Right members were very active and established an anti-Hungary front.Since 1776 Bjelovar had been rich in military premises and barracks which could house a large number of soldiers. This made the Ban feel secure, whereas Križevci was a shelter to low aristocracy of long tradition, who held certain posts in county administration. In Bjelovar the elite originated mostly from border-line circles loyal to the Ban. Križevci gentry was not that loyal, as Bans used to support big business and were not interested in the local elite.

It should be mentioned that the loss of central position in the county remained permanent for Križevci and it never reached this status again. As aristocracy in 1848 lost leading role in the parliament for ever, so K riževci with its low gentry and old institutions lost dominance on a wider scale. Bjelovar, Varaždin and Koprivnica deprived Križevci of its strenght and left the fame of Križevci and its once respected influence only in documents.

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Križevci; historic town with a long tradition; Križevci county; Bjelovar-Križevci county

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