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Comparative analysis of Križevci and Samobor during the Illyrian period (1835-1848/49)

DANIJEL VOJAK ; Institut za društvena i znastvena istraživanja “Ivo Pilar”, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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The period of the Croatian national revival or Illyrian movement was marked by raising of national awareness, especially in culture. Zagreb as the core of social and cultural life influenced smaller urban centres as Križevci and Samobor, which also joined the movement. The paper ana- lyzes development of the movement in both towns focusing on their position during revolutionary
1848/48. The investigation has brought into light that Križevci as well as Samobor participated in cultural and political life of Croatia. Various cul- tural institutions like reading rooms were founded, many literary works ( patriotic songs like ‘Još Hrvatska ni propala’- ‘Croatia has not collapsed yet’) were written, different economic projects
were initiated (a branch of Croatian- Slavonic Economic Society in Križevci or Ljudevit Vu- kotinović’s attempts stated in ‘Narodne novine’ (People’s Newspaper) to protect domestic industrial production). The representatives of both cities were active in Croatian parliament and Ban’s council and as national tribunes opposed pro-Hungarian political option. Among the most influential per- sons in Križevci was Ljudevit Vukotinović, who started cultural, economic and political ideas, whereas Samobor’s Ferdo Livadić led in culture and politics. During 1848 both towns witnessed the forming of town guards that were primar- ily intended to provide for local security. Janko Gašpari, the mayor of Križevci was the leader of pro-Hungarian fraction but Eduard Sulyk in Samo- bor could not succeed in obstructing the populists of Samobor. But unfavourable foreign events of
1849 and introduction of centralized system pur an end to the revival in Križevci and Samobor. Based on the material examined, one can conclude that Križevci and Samobor played important roles in the Illyrian movement.

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Križevci; Samobor; 1848/49; prom- inent individuals and groups

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