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The Authority of Scripture as the Word of God

Corneliu Constantineanu ; Evanđeoski teološki fakultet, Osijek

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str. 13-29

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The place and influence of Scripture in the contemporary world is marginal and seriously undermined. This article is a plea to rediscover the centrality and authority of the Scriptures for an authentic Christian life in the world. It begins with some clarification questions about the locus of authority, and then presents several key issues regarding the authority of Scripture. It is argued that the concept should be understood in close association with the authority of God, the authority of the true story of the world in Jesus Christ, obedience and transformed lives. Throughout the article, special emphasis is placed on the authority of Scripture as the “living” and “active” word of God for an obedient and transformed Christian living in the world.

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Scripture; authority; word of God; communication; obedience; Christian life

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