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Religious training under multicultural conditions

Jakov Jukić ; Teologija u Splitu, Split, Hrvatska

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The relation between religious training and multicultural conditions is a very difficult and complex problem, most often burdened by numerous historical misunderstandings. It can be broken down, however, into four key questions regarding education, culture, peace and religion. The author limits himself to a description of the connection between religion and culture on the level of the science of religions, concluding by briefly mentioning the role of religious training in education in places where the influences of various cultures intersect.
In this sense, the author notes that the founders of religions, spiritual leaders, priests and the faithful sever connections with the prevailing culture, with society, with the standard values and conventional behavior. This does not mean that they scorn the culture or negate all its values but that they are aware of the key purpose of man's life and existence. This marginality in relation to the culture or society is established in religions because for them the center of attention is God and man, love of them. Therefore, the society and culture are necessarily secondary considerations. There is no religion which would preach hatred toward man, his death and ruin. On the contrary, all religions are hymns to life, not any life at all but that determined by God.
Therefore, religious training under multicultural conditions should follow the indicated directions. The more faithfully the individual religions preach their message (a hymn to life!), and return more deeply to their sources, the weaker their mutual conflicts will be. When the cultural sedimentation of tradition is removed, the essence of every religion is man and God, peace with God and peace with man, love of God and love of man.

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