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Dr. Ivan Merz, an example and teacher of young girls

Mara Čović

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In his numerous articles, pamphlets and booklets, Merz defined the life—mission of woman, with special emphasis on her role in religious and moral renewal of family, and through this renewal the revival of the nation. Woman is the yeast of catholic renewal by her bodily and spiritual motherhood. She can receive the best education in this direction through female catholic organi-sations, particularly in the Catholic Action.
With practical individual educational work Merz gave these girls stimuli and instructions for leading a deeper spiritual life, an inclination for liturgy and a knowledge of the problems of the Church. Thus he, in fact, educated the first leading members of the Catholic Action.
Ivan's communication with people was tactful, full of respect and under— standing of the female psyche due to his constant studies of the female soul both in life and literature.
Ivan Merz had a special role in the education and orientation of Marica Stankovic, the foundress of the first Secular Institute. Even today the Institute considers Merz as its ideological initiator, its example and its stimulus.

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