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Principles and methods of Ivan Merz's educational work

Božidar Nagy ; Filozofsko teološki institut Družbe Isusove u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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str. 375-386

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The apostolic work of Ivan Merz was carried out according to a definite plan. The slogan Ivan gave to the Asociation of Croatian Eagles: "Sacrifice, Eucharist, Apostolate" contained the program of his lay apostolate. We can differentiate aims, substance, and methods in his work.
Ivan recognizes four aims to his apostolate. The main goal, to which everything is directed, has supernatural, eschatological values. The other three are only partial goals, steps leading to the main one: unity with the Church, achievement of human and christian maturity and an orientation towards apostolic engagement. His apostolic activity could be divided into two parts: theological-ecclesiastic (Christ in the Eucharist, liturgy, the Church and its teaching, Mary) and the field of christian moralism, everything concerning the formation of christian personality of young people. As for his methods, Ivan accepted and consistently employed in practice everything that the Church recommended: a personal spiritual life, liturgy and the Catholic Action.
If we compare Ivan Merz's work in the field of religious education with the present requirement in the same field (Christocentricity, ecclesiasticism, an orientation to metanoia and formation of full christian personality), it can be concluded that even today the educational work of Ivan Merz would be up to date, for it would satisfy the requirements for religious education at the present time.

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