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Types of Bullying Among Children and Sense of Safety in Schools of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Edita ČERNI OBRDALJ ; Medicinski fakultet, Mostar
Mirjana RUMBOLDT ; Medicinski fakultet, Mostar
Azijada BEGANLIĆ ; Medicinski fakultet, Tuzla
Ninoslav ŠILIĆ ; Fakultet prirodoslovno-matematičkih i odgojnih znanosti, Mostar

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A broad definition of school bullying is when one or more
pupils repeatedly disturb, attack or hurt other students. It
could be direct and indirect, verbal and physical. Physical
and psychical symptoms are found more frequently among school bullying victims. The aim of this study is to find out
what are the types of bullying according to age, gender and
town of study, and sense of safety in different school
premises. This cross-sectional study enrolled 484 fourth to
eight graders in two primary schools. Results of the study
show that the most frequently reported type of victimization is
verbal (59%) and the rarest one is sexual (2.24%). The boys
are more frequently engaged in physical bullying than the
girls, while the girls used verbal type of bullying more
frequently. Pupil's sense of safety was highest in the
classroom, and lowest in the toilette. In terms of safety in
different school premises there are no differences between
the towns, except concerning school playground: pupils from
Stolac were more unsafe at the playground (31 or 14.3%)
than their peers in Posušje (10 or 3.7%).

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school children, types of bullying, sense of safety

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