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Poaceae Pollen Concentrations in the Atmosphere of Three Inland Croatian Sites (2003–2004)

Renata Peternel
Ivana Hrga
Predrag Hercog
Josip Čulig

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The aim of the study was to determine the length of Poaceae pollen season, intradiurnal, daily and monthly pollen variation, and the effect of some meteorological parameters on atmospheric pollen concentration, at three monitoring sites in inland Croatia during the 2003–2004 period. Seven-day Hirst volumetric pollen and spore traps were used for
pollen sampling. At all three monitoring sites considerably higher precipitation and lower average temperature in 2004 led to a marked decrease in the grass pollen concentration in the air at all three monitoring sites. The highest grass pollen concentrations were recorded in IvanićGrad (typical rural area), considerably lower in Samobor (effect of forest vegetation), and lowest in Zagreb (urban area). The highest atmospheric Poaceae pollen concentrations in inland Croatia were generally recorded in May and June. The highest intradiurnal concentrations were recorded between 8.00 and 12.00 a.m. Results of this aeropalynologic study are expected to help in preventing the symptoms of allergic
reaction in individuals with Poaceae pollen hypersensitivity.

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aerobiology, Poaceae, pollen concentrations, pollen allergy

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