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Tanja Grahovac ; Psihijatrijska klinika Rijeka, KBC Rijeka, Hrvatska
Klementina Ružić ; Psihijatrijska klinika Rijeka, KBC Rijeka, Hrvatska
Dubravka Šepić Grahovac ; Odjel neurologije, KBC Rijeka, Hrvatska
Elizabeta Dadić Hero ; Dom zdravlja primorsko goranske županije, Odjel socijalne medicine i epidemiologije, Rijeka, Hrvatska

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str. 293-295

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Psychophysical dermatitis is frequently manifested in patients that suffer from psychiatric illnesses and disorders as well as in patients that suffer from depressive disorders. These diseases occur or worsen after acute stress that may trigger them. Difficulties in expressing feelings or impossibility to verbalise them are connected to somatic diseases. In order to emphasize their importance, we
will present a case of a 58 years old woman who has been suffering from alopecia areata that developed after her husband’s death.
The patient doesn’t function well since then - she is socially isolated, she has lost self confidence and self esteem. As she has realised it was impossible to live like that, she decided to seek psychiatric help.
The patient should be examined through the prism of the interdisciplinary treatment and as an integral structure of the mind and body.

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alopecia, depression, integrative psychiatry

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