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Apoptosis of Leukemic Cells: A Case Report

Ljiljana Vrbanus
Mirna Sučić
Mirjana Marković-Glamočak
Sunčica Ries
Koraljka Gjadrov-Kuveždić
Iris Fabijanić
Jasenka Antulov
József Petrik
Boris Labar

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Transformation of leukemic cells is associated with delay in maturation and in apoptosis, and to altered responsiveness to growth factors. However, some studies have revealed that Fas (CD95/APO1) which mediates apoptotic signal and decrease of anti-apoptotic Bcl-2 are frequently observed in acute myeloid leukemia (AML) M4/M5 leukemic cells. The aim of the study was to compare cytomorphology and cytochemistry of bone marrow (BM) apoptotic leukemic cells to preserved peripheral blood (PB) leukemic cells in our patient, a 76-year-old man with AML-M5b treated at Zagreb University Hospital Center. BM and PB of the AL patient were analyzed after Pappenheim and cytochemical stainings, and leukemic cells were classified according to FAB and WHO classification. Analysis of PB revealed leukocytosis and 80–90% monocytic cells (46% monoblasts, 29% promonocytes and 11% monocytes). Only a few preserved monoblasts and promonocytes were found in BM, together with numerous morphologically altered cells with characteristic chromatin condensation and pyknosis of nucleus, as well as nuclear fragmentation and formation of apoptotic bodies. Thus, cytomorphology of PB leukemic cells pointed to proliferation of immature monocytic cells, and cytomorphology of BM to cell apoptosis. Cytochemistry of PB monocytic cells and BM apoptotic cells confirmed monocytic cell lineage because esterase was strongly positive in almost all BM apoptotic leukemic cells and PB leukemic cells, and esterase was completely inhibited with sodium fluoride. On the basis of these findings, AML-M5b was diagnosed in our patient. There are many possible explanations for our observation of BM leukemic cell apoptosis in a patient with AML-M5. The most reliable one is that apoptosis was induced ex vivo after BM aspiration in course of the air drying of BM specimen before staining. Mass BM leukemic cell apoptosis that was recorded in contrast to numerous preserved leukemic cells in PK could be probably connected to unfavorable ratio of relatively low concentration of cytokines in relation to high leukemic cell number in BM aspirated cytologic specimen.

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acute myeloblastic leukemia, apoptosis, Bcl-2, C

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