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Testing the Applicability of Digital Camera Sensor for Monitoring Wildlife and other Animal Species

Kristijan Tomljanović ; Šumarski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu
Marijan Grubešić ; Šumarski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu
Krešimir Krapinec ; Šumarski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu

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str. 287-292

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It is the legal responsibility of the gamekeeper no matter if it involves public or commune hunting ground, to enforce counting of all game species that constantly or occasionally inhabit the hunting ground. In practice this is conducted by more often regular monitoring, especially of big game, and determining of the numerical status based on annual monitoring. With the use of automated sensor cameras this work has been somewhat made easier. During the usage and testing of features for several years, we have noticed some advantages and disadvantages. Systematic positioning of cameras to well chosen locations within the hunting ground can ensure a good overview of the gender structure, physical condition and trophy strength , in a way and from a distance that was until now considered unthinkable or hardly achieva ble. During the testing special attention has been given to the very sensor that activates the camera. As a result of the conducted research we got curves that line out the probability with which the passing of wild game will be recorded at a certain distance. Also the angels under which the sensor reacts have been compared and it has been determined that in that segment there are statisti­cally significant differences relating to various distances but also to various sides from which wild games is expected to come. Photographs recorded with the sensor have been used and compared to those recorded in preset intervals. As a contribution some rare, scarcely viewable or protected animal species have been shown, that have in their own manner a bigger or smaller influence and significance to the hunting management of a certain ground.

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automatic digital camera, couning, games, hunting ground

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