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The Sociological Structure of the Family with an Aspect to the Future

S. M. Korona Perković

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In an impact and confusion of the new understandings and evaluations of the marriage and the family, the authoress tries in three parts of her explication to give an image of the marriage and of the family in the past, the present time and the future.
While in the past the family, as a central and primary community, underwent to its degradation and in the same time to an evolution during the development of the economy and an invasion of the various ideologies, today, because of the new sociological structures and changes, there are in general two types of the families — rural and urban — with their specifications with regard to the inner relation in the family, education, maturation of the children and so forth.
Although there is a certain tendency to level these two types of family — urban and rural — the family should stay also in the future as a fundamental nucleus of the mankind; from there should start every sound education and every member find' the heartiness and the security in order to enter bigger society of its coevals, to find an occupation and the social engagement!

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