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Holy Year of 1975.

Marijan Valković

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The main objectives of Paul VI for the 1975 Holy Year: renewal and reconciliation. The ecumenical meaning of Holy Year. The response of Bishops throughout the world. In Yugoslavia, a committee of four Bishops have been formed to implement the Holy Father's directives through a spiritual renewal of families, parishes, religious communities and the Church as a whole.
The historical and biblical background of Holy Year. To understand Holy Year in the spirit of the New Testament, the Christian concept of »holi-ness« and »time« must be devoid of mythological and pagan elements and the specifically Christian marks of what actually constitutes »holiness« and »time« recognized.
Neuralgic points of Holy Year are found in its indulgences and pilgrimages. However, the importance rests not in indulgences and pilgrimages but in the »renewal and reconciliation.

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