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Morphometric Characteristics of Thyroid Cartilage in People of Eastern Croatia

Tanja Kovač
Branka Popović
Ksenija Marjanović
Vjekoslav Wertheimer
Marko Kovačević
Vasilije Nikolić
Ana Jo-Osvatić
Radivoje Radić

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The aim of this research was to describe thyroid cartilage morphometry in the population of Eastern Slavonia in detail. The research was carried out on 68 samples of adult thyroid cartilages. There was statistically significant difference between all analysed parameters in male and female samples, except for the distance between the superior horns tips. All parameters had greater values in men, except for the thyroid angle, which was greater in women. There was significant correlation between most of the measured parameters. The strongest correlation was noticed in the distance between the horns at all measured levels and between the pairs of parameters measured for the left and right side respectively. The difference of our results in comparison to the results obtained by other researchers is probably caused by the fact that the measurements were taken on the samples obtained from different populations.

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thyroid cartilage, morphometry, sexual dimorphism, Eastern Croatia

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