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The effect of solution annealing on properties of steel Nitronic 60

A. Gigović-Gekić ; University of Zenica, Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Science, B&H
M. Oruč ; University of Zenica, Metallurgical Institute „Kemal Kapetanović“, B&H
I. Vitez ; University of Osijek, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Slavonski Brod, Croatia

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Nitronic 60 (UNS S21800) is a highly alloyed austenitic stainless steel. This steel provides exceptional wear and galling resistance as well as a high temperature corrosion resistance. Increasing strength of Nitronic 60 is obtained by cold deformation. A solution annealing is necessary to achieve a complete austenitic microstructure without the presence of precipitates in the matrix. This paper describes determination of the appropriate heat treatment to obtain austenitic microstructure with a minimum consumption of time and energy.

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Nitronic 60; austenite; solution annealing; hardness; delta ferrite

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