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Effect of adhesive geometry on the tensile properties of AISI 1350 steel

A. Yasar ; Faculty of Technical Education, Mersin University, Tarsus, Turkey

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It is utilized increasingly to use adhesive bonding in automotive industry to join structural components of metallic materials. The aim of this experimental study is to extend the information available to the automotive design engineer and contribute the better understanding of how the various geometrical shaped of steel parts affect the adhesive bonding. In this study, different types of lap joints, such as butt, step butt, scarf, tubular lap, were used to determine the mechanical strength of SAE/AISI 1350 steel. It has been observed that the cylindrical geometries can be subject to more stress compared to square specimens generally and the geometries with both tensile and shear stress can stand more stress per unit compared with the specimens with only tensile stress.

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adhesives; joint geometry; tensile test; stress; elongation

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