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Ivana Benzon ; OŠ "Profesor Filip Lukas", Kaštel Stari, Hrvatska


The article lists the majority of family nicknames in Vranjic which haven’t disappeared and which are still used. An explanation on the motives of their origin has been found for the majority of them: the largest number were motivatde by a first name of the head of the family, or by a character, phyusical or other feature of a family member. Other kinds of motivations were les represented, whereas a small number of family nicknames were of unknown motivation.
The Vranjic speech is Štokavian. An important characteristic of the Vranjic family nicknames is the plural adjectival form, which is a logical reflection of extra-lingual reality, as one family has several members. The suffixes which created the family nicknames are -ovi, -evi and -ini, all three used in the formation of possessive adjectives. All suffixes are very fertile: the most being -ovi, then -ini, and finally -evi. At dividing the nicknames according to stem form, most are with a non-suffixal stem, then hypocoristic, suffixal, and the least with a desuffixal stem. In regard of the anture of stem lexeme, most family nicknames were created from personal nicknames, from a variation of a first name, much less from a surname and with a microtoponymic stem. According to the criteria of stem formation, the majority of family names were underived, a small number with a derived stem, and there were more family nicknames with an uncurtailed rather than a curtailed stem.
The Vranjic family nicknames are generally of Croatian origin, whereas various were formed from a stem of Italian origin, mostly from the Venetian dialect. There is also a minor number of family nicknames of Turkish origin. All family nicknames of foreign origin fully fit into the formation system of the Croatian language and are inflected as all other nicknames.

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