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Dentin Hypersensitivity Before and After Periodontal Treatment

Estela S Gusmao ; Sveučilište Pernambuco, Brazil
Renata S Coelho ; Državno sveučilište Paraíba, Brazil
Bruna C Farias ; Državno sveučilište Paraíba, Brazil
Renata Cimoes ; Državno sveučilište Paraíba, Brazil

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Objective: To evaluate the intensity of dentin hypersensitivity before and after the procedures of supragingival and subgingival instrumentation. Method: The convenience sample consisted of 200 patients of both genders, aged 18-71 years, who had chronic marginal gingivitis, gingival recession and moderate and/or severe chronic periodontitis. The hypersensitivity was diagnosed by clinical examination and measured by means of mechanical (dragging the probe over the exposed dentin) and thermal (air blast from a triple syringe) stimuli in sensitive areas. Results: The data revealed several types of hypersensitivity in the same individual, with the highest percentage in the tooth root; the largest percentage in the sample had chronic periodontitis; most patients had more than five hypersensitive teeth; increased hypersensitivity was found after supragingival and subgingival instrumentation; the presence of secondary factors exacerbating the sensitivity was recorded; and all variables associated with hypersensitivity had statistical significance
(p <0.05). Conclusion: It is concluded that hypersensitivity is a common condition in patients with periodontal disease, which is more pronounced after initial periodontal therapy and when associated with other local factors.

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Dentin Sensitivity, Periodontal Diseases, Dental Caries, Dental Scaling

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