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Names on Celeian inscriptions in numbers and tables - a comparison between town and ager

Julijana Visočnik orcid id

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Dealing with Roman inscriptions not only involves publishing
individual inscriptions or assembling corpora of a
particular town and its ager. Corpora (or epigraphic databases
abroad) constitute the basis for further research.
The most widespread among the epigraphic works are
onomastic studies, which are possible on practically all
inscription slabs since names are recorded on all nonfragmentary
inscriptions. The author strives to present the
onomastic situation in the area of Celeia. In the interest of
a better insight into the names and, thereby, also into the
inhabitants behind these names, she decided to divide all
preserved names from Celeian inscriptions precisely. This
division in particular facilitates an insight into certain
principles of Romanization but says little of the chronological
situation. Individual groups of names also reveal
the legal and social status of the inhabitants.

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Celeia, Noricum, Roman inscriptions, epigraphy, onomastics

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