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Medieval pottery from the Borinci - Crkvište - Crni Gaj site discovered in 1961.

Krešimir Filipec ; Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu Odsjek za arheologiju

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The fragments of ceramic vessels found in 1961 at the
Borinci-Crkvište-Crni gaj site held in the Collection of the
Department of Archaeology, Faculty of Humanities and
Social Sciences in Zagreb are published in this work. The
fragments are compared to already published whole vessels
found at the same site. An attempt is made to respond
to the question as to whether they belong to the settlement
or cemetery of the eleventh/twelfth century or if these account
for several different locales within the site that do not
date to the same time. The author believes that these are
chronologically separate cemeteries situated at roughly the
same position. The oldest finds date to the eighth and ninth

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Borinci, Middle Ages, cemetery, settlement, Avar-era necropolis, Bijelo Brdo culture

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