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Emergence and Significance of New Atheism. Is here a real provocation to faith and theology involved?

Tonči Matulić ; Katolički bogoslovni fakultet, Sveučilište u Zagrebu

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The article deals with the phenomenon of new atheism. The
author approaches the phenomenon of new atheism theologically.
First the author, metaphorically speaking, walks down the “library”
of new atheism, presenting the best known and insofar the most
notorious new atheists, i.e. their works which by their character
and content certainly belong to new-atheistic literature. Then the
author briefly presents the church comprehension of atheism and
immediately refers to the causes of the appearance of new atheism;
then he tries to investigate what “new” there is in new atheism. The
question about what makes the new atheism different from older
forms and appearances of atheism in the past is clearer, having in
view the account of church comprehension of the significance and
forms of atheism. In the same context the author summarizes the
main theses in the form of “articula fidei” of new atheism in order to
help the readers to find their way around a thicket of new-atheistic
ideas and attitudes, specifically in comparison with already known
forms of atheism. In the last, i.e. the fifth, part of the article the author, with due “poetic licence”, formulates some assertions of new
atheism that have become its phraseological inheritance to invert
them into critical counter-questions directed to the new-atheists.
At the end, instead of a conclusion, the author presents his own
reflections on the responsibility of theology against the challenges
of new atheism, giving point to two statements of Pope Benedict XVI
on the relationship between contemporary time and Christianity,
i.e. between reason and faith.

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atheism; new atheism; materialism; fundamentalism; reason; natural science; religion; Christianity; God, faith; theology

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