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Education and Creativity

Milan Polić


To be a person means to be about-oneself or to be oneself’s. And this precisely refers to a free, self-owning, self-defining individual who can be as such only by being a self-aware entity. An activity that does not support the development of a child’s individuality should not be named as education at all. Education is an emancipating, freeing activity by which a person’s individuality is taken to be the foundation of his/her autonomy that is nurtured because of its very own self, and not because it could serve someone or something. The traditional pedagogical approach does not differentiate education from manipulation by which a child is instrumentalized for the
attainment of some ‘higher’ purpose. Thus, such an approach does not allow for the understanding of the role of creativity in education, though creativity lies in the very essence of education. And only by understanding education as a creative activity that supports and encourages the development of a child’s individuality is it possible to
reach his/her growth into co-education and self-education.

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