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The Meaning of Cultural Behaviour in Schools. Fragments for consideration

Eduard Vargović


Communication, more precisely the culture of communicating is one of the main conditions in the operation of schools today. Noise in communication, but also the high level of non-culture in the behaviour of students as well as the unresourcefulness of teachers or wrong personal opinions lead us to a conflict much too often. In such situation we are not ready (or do not know how) to listen calmly, reasonably and efficiently and reach the core of the problem by asking well-intended questions. Thus the solution of the problem becomes impossible for us.
The conflicting parties are often placed in different positions and do not want to solve the existing problems. This is the type of situation when authority starts to appear as well as the law, legislation, regulations and punishments. How much this really presents the solution of a problem or just hiding from the problem or, sooner or later, coming back to it again, is something many teachers have been exposed to but also, their students and parents, which is even worse.

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