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Shakespeare in Class and Correlation Among Subjects

Marija-Ana Bužan


The article deals with the topic of importance of the correlation between the subjects leading to the alleviation of the learning burden placed upon the student. It also shows how to do it in practice. The new method of work contributes to a better collaboration between teachers and students.
Examples of a new method of working in classes have been shown in the subjects of English language and Croatian language, namely in the interpretation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Macbeth. The use of new techniques, new approach to the teaching process, as well as the correlation between the two subjects have resulted in the development of logical and critical thinking and in the increase of motivation and interest, and better understanding and accepting of Shakespeare’s tragedies. As a result the students have a better comprehension of the nature of human behaviour, and at the same time the individual students had the opportunity to express their own creativity, therefore one student’s work is printed here.
The hours spent in class are not just an accumulation of facts and collection of »knowledge« but are used for research, team and creative work of students in which everyone is given the possibility to express their abilities. Further, the feeling of selfconfidence, responsibility and empathy is developed. Changes in our educational system should go in this direction. In this way we shall create a more humane society and individuals able to contribute to the development of democracy with a sense of duty towards themselves and others.

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