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What is Critical Thinking?

David Klooster


The author points out that one of the duties of the teacher is to teach critical thinking. By teaching critical thinking we initiate the process of transformation from a traditional educational process to a modern education aimed at the needs of students and of society. By helping students to start thinking critically we have made the first step towards achieving higher social and cultural goals.
In relation to the traditional approach to learning, critical thinking is characterized by its complexity. The author analyzes the complexity of the term by defining it through other types of thinking. By means of such analysis he comes closer to a definition, which he presents through five basic terms of reference. Thus, he points out that critical thinking is independent thinking whose starting point is informing and
developing awareness of the problems to be solved. It also requires giving arguments as a way to oppose authorities and manipulations. It is pointed out that critical thinking is social thinking as well and the teachers are instructed to use particular teaching strategies.

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