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The Application of Ultrasound in Neuroendoscopic Procedures: First Results with the New Tool »NECUP-2«

Hrvoje Jednačak
Josip Paladino
Pavle Miklić
Goran Mrak
Miroslav Vukić
Tihomir Štimac
Marijan Klarica

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str. 45-49

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In this paper, our experience with originally constructed Neurosurgical Endoscopic Contact Ultrasound Probe »NECUP-2« in neuroendoscopy is reported. Between June 1997 and June 2007, 132 neuroendoscopic procedures have been performed: 102 endoscopic thrid ventriculostomies (ETV), 15 arachnoid cysts and 5 intraventricular tumours operations. The »NECUP-2« was applied effectively in all cases in which blunt perforation was not possible: 38/102 ETV, 10/10 septostomies, 15/15 arachnoid cysts. In five cases of intraventricular tumours, neuroendoscopic procedure was combined with open microsurgery for tumour removal with preservation of vascular structures. There were no »NECUP-2« related complications. Of postoperative complications, we had liquorrhea (9 patients), and symptoms of meningitis (6 patients). In the follow-up period (6 months to 6 years), we had a patency rate of 80% (50/63 patients). All patients improved in clinical status. According to the first results, it seems that ultrasonic contact probe NECUP-2 presents a new device in neurosurgical armamentarium that can be used in various fields of neurosurgery. With minimal and controlled lesion that is produced at the tip of the probe, it can be used in highly demanding operations such as third ventriculostomy and tumour resection.

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endoscopic neurosurgery, high energy ultrasound, third ventriculostomy

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