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Anxiety and Depression in Pregnant Women with Previous History of Spontaneous Abortion

Vesna Medjedović Marčinko
Darko Marčinko
Veljko Đorđević
Slavko Orešković

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Spontaneous abortion is the most common adverse pregnancy outcome, and stress has been suggested to be important factor. We hypothesized that those female pregnant women with previous spontaneous abortion will have higher anxiety and depression than female pregnant women without previous spontaneous abortion and controls (healthy non-pregnant women). Age and socio-demographic parameters did not differ significantly between the three groups of participants. Anxiety and depression levels were assessed with the Beck Depression Inventory and the Beck Anxiety Inventory. There were no significant differences in the scores on Beck Depression Inventory between three groups of participants at the week 10 of gestation-1st assessment and week 20 of gestation-2nd assessment. Contrary of these results, pregnant women with history of spontaneous abortion have had statistically significant higher anxiety score than pregnant women without history of spontaneous abortion and control group-non-pregnant women, on both assessment of anxiety. Negative correlations between months passed form the last spontaneous abortion and anxiety on both assessment, emphasize the role of psychological support for the women who have experienced spontaneous abortion.

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anxiety; depression; pregnant women; spontaneous abortion

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