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Tomislav Kozarić ; Meteorological and Hydrological Service Grič 3, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Branka Ivančan-Picek ; Meteorological and Hydrological Service Grič 3, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

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An investigation of extreme precipitation cases in the northern Adriatic area is discussed in this paper. The criterion chosen for an extreme event recognition is a measured daily precipitation amount exceeding 100 mm day-1. In the 19912000 period, 18 extreme precipitation events were observed at six meteorological stations in the northern Adriatic and its hinterland. The analysis shows that heavy precipitation occurs most frequently during the autumn season, although it can develop during the other seasons as well. The large-scale examination performed indicates that heavy precipitation events in the northern Adriatic typically occur under the influence of a deep upper-level trough over western Europe,
associated with a low south of the Alps, as shown by the calculated mean charts. This kind of synoptic structure generates a southerly warm and moist low-level flow over the Adriatic Sea, favouring precipitation formation which, in case of larger-scale conditional and potential instability, can lead to intense precipitation events. Two cases of particular interest were chosen for the mesoscale analysis. In the first case, on 25 December 2000, intense precipitation was both stratiform and convective, while in the second case, on 16/17 September 2000, it was mainly convective. The case studies show that the specific northern Adriatic orography with steep coastal mountain ridges played a major role both in generating prefrontal orogenic precipitation and in intensifying frontal precipitation. In such
an unstably stratified environment, the lifting of moist air over the barrier was accompanied by deep convection development in some places.

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extreme precipitation, meteorological features, northern Adriatic

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