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Assessment of Biomass Co-Firing Potentials in Coal Power Plants

Daniel GARCIA-GALINDO ; CIRCE - Centre of research for Energy Resources and Consumption, Zaragoza, Spain
Francisco Javier ROYO ; Mechanical Department of the University of Zaragoza, Zaragoza, Spain
Fernando SEBASTIÁN ; CIRCE - Centre of research for Energy Resources and Consumption, Zaragoza, Spain

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This paper presents the methodology and results of a country assessment on the capacity of biomass resources to replace partially the coal used in coal power plants (CPP), commonly known as biomass co-firing. The framework for the exemplification has been the Spanish case. The analysis of the Spanish CPPs in the last decade has included technology characterization and evolution and future foresights of electricity production. A total of 20 CPPs consisting of 39 operational coal power units (CPU) using pulverized fuel (PF) systems have been grouped in geographical zones. The available biomass (currently no utilised resources) in 100km area around the CPPs amoutns up to 72.5
PJ y-1. The changes caused by the differences of biomass as fuel have been reviewed, showing that using co-firing rates in the CPUs up to 10% in energy has shown to keep PF units under safe operation. Technical limitations have cut the biomass potential down to 36.5 PJ y-1, equivalent to a 5.4% co-firing rate. This figure is equivalent to a duplication of the current biomass installed power in Spain and to a contribution to the gap of the biomass national objectives of 67%. Economic analysis suggests that co-firing could be economically feasible
by providing a bonus between 0.19 and 0.72 €cent per MJ of electricity,
which turns into one sixth of the current bonus applied in Spain for electricity produced in biomass power plants.

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Biomass resources, Coal combustion, Co-fring, Feasibility assessment, Power generation

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