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Applicability of Continuous Real-Time Monitoring Systems in Safety Assurance of Significant Structures

Janez ROŠER ; Naravoslovnotehniška fakulteta, Univerza v Ljubljani, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Ivica RISTOVIĆ ; Rudarsko-geološki fakultet, Univerzitet u Beogradu, Beograd, Srbija
Milivoj VULIĆ ; Naravoslovnotehniška fakulteta, Univerza v Ljubljani, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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In recent years, there has been significant advancement in monitoring sciences,
especially due to the continued development of measuring equipment.
Consequently, continuous real-time monitoring of integrity of significant
structures, like buildings, bridges, dams, as well as the movement of slopes,
landslides and volcanoes has become possible. This paper presents the
usefulness of continuous real-time monitoring system that is able to combine
geodetic, geotechnical and meteorological sensors to match the needs of the
monitoring project. At the experimental polygon, we have installed four points;
one reference and three observation points, all based on global navigation
satellite system (GNSS) sensors. For every point, we acquire location in
sense of coordinate Y, X and H in the local coordinate system, which allows
observing any movements and deformations on observation points. Moreover,
the characteristics of experimental polygon correspond to observing structures
and also any changes on the Earth’s surface. The real-time visualization of
acquired data enables us to decide on further measures in the shortest possible
time, which reflects in major safety, as well as in the avoidance of severe
damage. On the basis of 20 minutes of measurements, executed every 24 hours,
we have calculated that it is possible to detect, with a 99.73% probability, all
displacements larger than 1.2 mm and relative movements larger than 3 mm.
The monitoring results and regression lines indicate that displacements for two
points are no more than 1 mm, while on one we have obtained displacement
of approximately 7 mm in a time period of only three months. The results
obtained are significant and confirm the necessity of continuous real-time
monitoring systems.

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Deformations, Error analysis, GNSS-sensors, Monitoring system, Movements

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