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The Characterization of Phase Transformations in Rapidly Solidified Al-Fe and Cu-Fe Alloys through Measurements of the Electrical Resistance and DSC

M. Bizjak
L. Kosec
B. Kosec
I Anžel

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str. 281-286

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For the characterization of the phase transformations in the alloys during the heat treatment the various methods of the thermal analyses are available. Thermogravimetry, differential thermal analysis (DTA) and the differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) are the most frequently used methods. The phase transformations proceed in two stages, i.e. nucleation and the growth of the new phase. Both processes are closely linked with the movement of the atoms. Rapidly solidified alloys often contain the elements with the low diffusivity. During the transition from the unstable to the stable state the energy changes are small, therefore the characterization of the changes by DTA, DSC is very difficult and could not be measured. During the heat treatment the phase transformations of the rapidly solidified alloys of Al-Fe and Cu-Fe were successfully detected by the simultaneous measurements of the electrical resistance, and were compared by the DSC method. By determination of the temperature regions of the phase transitions or temperatures, where the dynamics of the changes is maximal, the samples were heat treated and analysed by the scanning and transmission electron microscopy respectively.

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rapidly solidified Al-Fe and Cu-Fe alloys, transformations, electrical resistance, differential scanning calorimetry

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