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The Influence of Tandem Mill Reduction on Double Reduced (DR) Tinplates Anisotropy

E. Spišák
J. Slota
T. Kvačkaj
A. Bobenič

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str. 45-49

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In this paper, influence of tandem mill reduction on double reduced tinplates anisotropy is presented. In order to achieve favourable anisotropy properties (deformation texture) of tinplates for deep drawing operations, optimal percentage reduction on tandem mill is important. The experiment was carried out in laboratory conditions and three sorts of materials (T 57, T 61 and T 65) were used. The anisotropy was classified by earing test determining the ear height of tinplate after deep drawing by measuring the height of any ear. Percentage reduction on tandem mill and final earing relationships of tinplates are researched.

Ključne riječi

earing; double reduced tinplate; anisotropy; thickness reduction

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