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Determination of equivalent-density domain in black compensation implementation for the selected profile

Darko Agić ; Grafički fakultet, Getaldićeva 2, 10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska
Miroslav Gojo ; Grafički fakultet, Getaldićeva 2, 10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska
Maja Strgar-Kurečić ; Grafički fakultet, Getaldićeva 2, 10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska

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In standard graphic reproduction subtractive system of process inks coverage is observed. For achieving wider reproduction range, as well as higher density, additional black printer is added into printing system. Today graphic arts ISO specification routes defined overall coverage, meaning also black compensation principles. Although, the theoretical substitution of chromatic part of process inks with black can be very high, practical results can render certain misalignments in neutral as well as other tertiary colours, not achieving predicted values. That maintains the demand of additional customization of reproduction for certain images to preserve reproduction quality. A test target proof and soft proof are considered for proposed profiles, including adequate equivalent densities or lightness.

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black compensation, black printer, graphic reproduction, tertiary colours

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