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Oratorial and Stylistic Figures in the Poetry and Travel Books of Friar Franjo Jukić

Marko Lukenda

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Poetry and travel books are the part of Jukić’s work in which his lyrical orientation, as well as his committment to Franciscan tradition, are most apparent. His four patriotic poems are aesthetically not as beautiful as his travel books, therefore the selection of language devices is poorer than in that particular prose genre. In his poetry, Jukić was not a significant role model among Franciscan writers, while the style of his travel books is similar to chronicles, which are present in Bosnian Franciscan literature in abundance. In Jukić’s time, the production of travel books in Europe and Croatia was flourishing, a fact that did not escape Jukić. Linguistically and in terms of content, Jukić’s travel books can be placed between Mažuranić’s Pogled u Bosnu and Benić’s and Beltić’s chronicle.Jukić’s personal contribution can be recognized in his skilled narration,which is fairly extensive and rich in figures and word plays typical of folk literature.Jukić uses syntactic and lexical devices to rhetorical ends, as well as figures typical of homily (apostrophe, anaphora, appeal). The analysis of rhetorical and stylistic figures in poetry and travel books has proven the hypothesis that this part of Jukić’s work belongs to so-called “engaged literature”, which Jukić uses to attract the attention of his contemporaries to Bosnia, its political circumstances and its particularities unknown to the world.

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rhetorical figures; figures of speech; folk literature; Franciscian chronicles

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