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Design of GPC's in State Space*

José Vicente Salcedo
Miguel Martínez
Javier Sanchis
Xavier Blasco

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str. 159-167

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This paper introduces a methodology for the original design of generalised predictive controllers (GPC's) based on the use of a state space CARIMA model to carry out those predictions. The CARIMA model presented is equivalent to the CARIMA model commonly used in the input/output (I/O) formulation of the GPC's. A connection is settled among the stochastic part of this model and the filter polynomials Ti(z-1), making possible the design of the controller once any one of them is known. It is also remarkable that for the estimation of non-measurable states, a full rank observer is proposed, and the fact that its poles are equal to the roots of the filter polynomials Ti(z-1) can also be appreciated.

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CARIMA model, optimization, predictive control, state space design

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