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DIEM : Dubrovnik International Economic Meeting

logo DIEM : Dubrovnik International Economic Meeting

DIEM is a scientific journal that consolidates the research papers from the DIEM conference (Dubrovnik International Economic Meeting), and is issued by the University of Dubrovnik. It is co-financed by the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia. It publishes high quality papers that contribute to the theoretical, methodological and empirical findings in the complex field of economics and aims at familiarizing the national and international scientific and professional community with it. DIEM focuses on topics from all fields in economics and interrelated fields in the following areas: Banking and accounting, Business statistics/econometrics, Controlling, Corporate governance, Corporate social responsibility, Crisis management, E-Business and E-government, Economic growth and macroeconomic management, Education, universities and lifelong learning, environmental economics, regulation and management, EU and new member states, Financial markets and regulation, Infrastructure, transport and economics, Innovation and innovative business models, Insurance and risk management, International finance, IT management, Labour economics and HRM, Leadership, Marketing, Management, Mass media and economics, Microeconomics, Organization in new business environment, Organizational change and sustainability, Projects – efficient mechanism of innovation and entrepreneurship, Public finance, Quality management, Region and regional development, Risk assessment and management, SME and entrepreneurship, Social capital, Social entrepreneurship, Strategic management and monetary policy, Strategy and competitiveness, Sustainable development, Taxation and the green economy, Tourism, Trade and international trade, Transparency, ethics in business and policy making. All papers are subject to anonymous double-blind peer review.

  • Recenzija: vanjske recenzije, podjednako tuzemna i inozemna, samo znanstveni radovi, dvostruko slijepa, dvostruka
  • Prva godina izlaženja: 2013.
  • Učestalost izlaženja: 1
  • Područja pokrivanja: Društvene znanosti, Ekonomija
  • Uključen u Hrčak: 06.07.2016.
  • Prava korištenja: Publication in DIEM journal is free of charge for all authors. This journal does not charge article processing charge. This journal does not charge article submission charge. Since publication in DIEM is free of charge for all authors no waiver facilities are provided. Archiving policy Sherpa/ROMEO green route. All published manuscripts are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution CC BY 3.0 Unported License. Authors are allowed to archive their submitted article in an open access repository. Authors are allowed to archive their accepted article in an open access repository. Authors are allowed to archive the final published article, often a pdf file, in an open access repository. There are not any other requirements for archiving in an open access repository. If the authors are subject to a pre-existing mandate from their institution, funder or government to make their article open access, we grant the author an automatic exemption from any restrictions in our policies which would otherwise prohibit their publication in DIEM. The single policy applies to authors of all of journal titles.