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Adjustment of the Zagreb University School of Dentistry Curriculum to the Corresponding Curricula in the European Countries

Pavel Kobler ; Department of Oral Surgery, Zagreb University School of Dentistry
Goran Knežević ; Department of Oral Surgery, Zagreb University School of Dentistry

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The staff of the Zagreb School of Dentistry firmly believes that dental medicine is a differentiated profession which have been crossed over the frames of mere dentistry long time age. The guidelines in education and practice should be based on the need of training a doctor of dental medicine to deal with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of the diseases of stomatognathic system and perioral regions. This statement is beyond any dispute and can be realised in future by enforcement of an independent school of dentistry within the frames of a university, with appropriate corrections of the curriculum and possibilities of introducing new subjects, according to the curricula of European Community countries
and other developed countries of the globe, especially United States of America and United Kingdom.


educational plans, Zagreb, Europe

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