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Human losses of Croats in World War II and the immediate post-war period caused by the Chetniks (Yugoslav Army in the Fatherland) and the Partizans (People's Liberation Army and the partizan detachment of Yugoslavia/Yugoslav Army) and the Yugoslav Communist authoritities. Numerical indicators

Vladimir Geiger ; Croatian institute of history, Zagreb, Croatia

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On the basis of the most important historiographic, demographic and victimological works, the human losses of Croats caused by the Chetniks/Yugoslav Army in the Fatherland and the Partisans/People’s Liberation Army and Partisan Detachments of Yugoslavia/Yugoslav Army and the newly-established communist authorities are shown. Th is work presents the initial, most often arbitrary estimates and claims, followed considerably more reliable statistical/demographic calculations, and finally individual name and numerical indicators based on more systematic research.


World War II; Independent State of Croatia; Croatia; Croats; human losses; war crimes; Chetniks; Yugoslav Army in the Fatherland; Partisans; People’s Liberation Army and the Partisan Detachments of Yugoslavia/ Yugoslav Army; Communist Party of Yugoslavia

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