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Original scientific paper

Human losses of Croats in World War II and the immediate post-war period caused by the Chetniks (Yugoslav Army in the Fatherland) and the Partizans (People's Liberation Army and the partizan detachment of Yugoslavia/Yugoslav Army) and the Yugoslav Communist authoritities. Numerical indicators

Vladimir Geiger ; Croatian institute of history, Zagreb, Croatia

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On the basis of the most important historiographic, demographic and victimological works, the human losses of Croats caused by the Chetniks/Yugoslav Army in the Fatherland and the Partisans/People’s Liberation Army and Partisan Detachments of Yugoslavia/Yugoslav Army and the newly-established communist authorities are shown. Th is work presents the initial, most often arbitrary estimates and claims, followed considerably more reliable statistical/demographic calculations, and finally individual name and numerical indicators based on more systematic research.


World War II, Independent State of Croatia, Croatia, Croats, human losses, war crimes, Chetniks, Yugoslav Army in the Fatherland, Partisans, People’s Liberation Army and the Partisan Detachments of Yugoslavia/ Yugoslav Army, Communist Party of Yugoslavia

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