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Preliminary communication

Transforming Industry Landscapein Response to the Transition of the Economy – The Case of the Russian Bakery Industry

Maria Smirnova ; Graduate School of Management, Saint Petersburg State University, Russia
Vera Rebiazina orcid id ; National Research University – Higher School of Economics, Russia
Irina Moreva ; Graduate School of Management, Saint Petersburg State University, Russia

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Numerous emerging markets have undergone or are still undergoing substantial transition processes. The aim of this paper is to provide, on the example of the Russian bakery industry, a deeper understanding of and a longitudinal perspective on how the transition process and institutional changes in the economy are reflected in the evolution of an industry. The changes at the industry level have been driven not only by the economic transition, but also by strategic choices of market players. These choices are linked to the intensity and nature of the intra-industry rivalry and finding a new balance of cooperation and competition in the industry. The study aims to contribute to the literature by providing a rich contextual understanding of the industry evolution over the transition period. We apply classic industry analysis to investigating the key driving forces of competition. On the other hand, we focus on the manner in which industry players select a governance mechanism, replacing the previous centrally planned system. The findings of the study demonstrate persistent heterogeneity within the selected industry, resulting in substantial differences in the nature and the process of industry evolution.


transition economy; industry evolution; competition; cooperation; Russia

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