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Review article

Role of destination management in strengthening the competitiveness of Croatian tourism

Irena Bosnić orcid id ; College for Management in Tourism and Informatics in Virovitica, Virovitica, Croatia
Dejan Tubić orcid id ; College for Management in Tourism and Informatics in Virovitica, Virovitica, Croatia
Jelena Stanišić ; Osimpex d.o.o., Osijek, Croatia

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page 153-170

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Tourism today is marked by various social-economic trends. Croatia as a tourist destination is present on the networked international tourism market, which imposes daily adjustments to varying conditions on the market, primarily through improvement of the competitiveness of its own tourism offer. An important precondition for forming such an offer is an effective system for managing a tourist destination or destination management. With its accession to the European Union, Croatia has become a part of the European tourist market, which is a boost for tourism but also challenging, as it needs to stay true to its identity and maintain its uniqueness. Due to Croatia’s new macroenvironment, conditions and rapidly changing consumer requirements on the global tourism market, as well as global economic and political instability, which has not left the European Union unscathed, strategic operational planning and clear guidance for the future development of tourism in Croatia are essential. Thus, the goal of this paper is to emphasize the importance and functionality of destination management for the development of competitiveness of Croatian tourism, with emphasis on strategic managing of its development and review the challenges and adaptations to the conditions on the European tourism market.


management, functions of destination management, competitiveness, Croatian tourism

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